Arena LKN stands as a top choice for youth and showcase baseball training camps. Our Youth Baseball Training Camps offer learning experiences focusing on fundamental skills, teamwork, and game strategy, all guided by experienced instructors. Simultaneously, our Showcase Baseball Training Camps offer a home run experience for players eager to elevate their skills, featuring high-energy environments, advanced techniques, strategic gameplay, and position-specific drills. With exclusive access to top-notch facilities, including batting cages and pitching areas, Arena LKN provides the ideal setting for players to refine their proficiency and deepen their passion for baseball.



Showcase Baseball Camps

Arena LKN's Youth Camps offer a dynamic experience for young players, emphasizing fundamental skills, teamwork, and strategy. Led by experienced instructors, these camps access top-notch facilities, fostering a love for the game in a fun setting.

Youth Baseball Camps

Arena LKN's Showcase Camps provide a home run experience for those eager to elevate their skills. In a high-energy, camaraderie-filled environment, engage in advanced techniques, strategic gameplay, and position-specific drills. Top-notch facilities help players refine skills and deepen their connection to the game.


Step 1

In our youth and showcase camps at Arena LKN, we prioritize the development of crucial baseball skills, including hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching. We create a lively and competitive environment through engaging games and competitions, ensuring players have fun and gain valuable skills.

Step 2

Building on this foundation, our Youth Baseball Camp at Arena LKN features experienced instructors who offer tailored coaching to prepare players, from young players to showcase age groups, for upcoming tryouts. Focusing on skill development and refining techniques, the camp fosters a supportive environment, empowering players to approach upcoming challenges confidently.

Step 3

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, Arena LKN is expanding its offerings to host third-party camps led by professional baseball players, catering to youth and showcase age groups. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for players to learn from seasoned athletes within the facility, broadening the spectrum of expertise and offering specialized camps led by notable professionals from the baseball world.

Practicing for Tryouts? We’ll Get You Prepared!


Twice a year, Wow Factor Atlantic holds tryouts for each age group in the community during the spring/summer (July/August) and fall (October/November). Private tryouts are available for players who can't attend specific dates. Step onto the field and showcase your baseball skills at Wow Factor Atlantic Tryouts from 8U to 18U. Whether you're seasoned or a rising star, secure a spot on the team where dedication meets excellence!

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