Arena Lake Norman, located in Mooresville, NC, is a premier baseball training facility with indoor practice areas, batting cages, and private lessons for baseball and softball athletes. The facility allows players to customize their training regimens, emphasizes excellence, and offers programs such as specialized showcase camps, youth training camps, and professional-grade individual and group lessons.

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Baseball Camps & Clinics

Arena LKN’s camps are led by coaches with Major League, Minor League, and NCAA D1 experience and are suitable for all skill levels. The camps offer an advanced learning experience featuring state-of-the-art batting cages, professional pitching mounds, and quantitative performance data. Learn more about our spring break and summer camps for kids and high school showcase camps.

Batting Cage Rentals

Develop your player's hitting skills with cage rentals available to anyone from 2pm to 8pm during weekdays and 1pm - 6pm on weekends. Choose from 11 batting cages to rent in 1-hour sessions for individuals or small groups. Options available for extended training, team rentals, and to reserve our advanced technology packages utilizing HitTrax & Trackman for valuable analytical insights to optimize performance.

Professional Lessons

Arena's experienced instructors provide professional lessons in fielding, hitting, catching, and pitching for all levels. We provide single lessons as well as 5-lesson and 10-lesson packages. We also offer exclusive membership options for dedicated athletes that provide facility access and cage reservations daily.
Whether your goals are to improve in  fielding, hitting, pitching, or all of the above, Arena has you covered!

Training Grounds:

Wow Factor Atlantic Teams, from 8U to 18U, offer a comprehensive program that provides all players access to camps, lessons, and top-notch instructors. As an integral part of becoming a team member, players benefit from exclusive access to resources such as TopTeam and dedicated cage time. We ensure a well-rounded and enriching experience for individuals across all age groups.

Learn About Wow Factor

Experienced instructors at Arena Lake Norman provide professional lessons in fielding, hitting, catching, and pitching for players of all levels. Choose from single, 5, or 10 lesson packages to tailor your training. We also offer exclusive membership options for dedicated athletes.

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Twice a year, tryouts are held for Wow Factor Atlantic teams in all age groups. Tryouts are held during the spring/summer (July/August) and fall (October/November). Private tryouts are available for players who can't attend specific dates. Step onto the field and showcase your baseball skills at Wow Factor Atlantic Tryouts from 8U to 18U. Whether you're seasoned standout or a rising star, secure a spot on the team where dedication meets excellence!

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Starting next season, Arena LKN will enhance its services by partnering with TOPTEAM Sports Performance, an industry leading strength & conditioning and sports medicine business providing services at the MAJOR LEAGUE level. As part of this collaboration, weekly team sessions at Arena LKN will include specialized training provided by TOPTEAM, enriching the overall training experience for both groups and individuals.

The educated professionals at TOPTEAM Sports Performance pride themselves in helping athletes to maximize performance while decreasing the risk of injury through the application of functional movement, strength & conditioning, chiropractic care, nutrition, and biomechanics. The professionals work as a team to create performance programs employing the latest techniques in the topics of kinesiology, physiology, and biomechanics help to optimize performance and overall quality of life for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

To Optimize Performance Through Education And Movement -
Strength & Conditioning at the MAJOR LEAGUE Level

Merch & Equipment Rentals

Equip yourself for success with Arena LKN's top-of-the-line gear, available both in-store and online. Whether you visit our small facility store or shop on our online store, you'll find a curated selection, including high-performance bats, durable cleats, protective helmets, and merchandise. Plus, take advantage of our specialized offerings, such as Equipment Hack Attack machines, pitching machines available for rentals, and the latest Trackman technology. Remember that we also offer rental pitching mounds to enhance your training experience at Arena LKN.

Boost Your Performance: Arena LKN's Cage Rentals

Master your hitting ability with over 11 cages available for rent to individuals, small groups, and teams. Featuring 11 full-size 15ft x 15ft x 70ft batting cages! Nine of the eleven cages also convert into a spacious 150ft x 70ft ft turf area for fielding and skills development. Reservations are available in 1 hour increments online, contact us for longer time periods. Reach out for extended training or team rentals, and enhance your experience by renting technology like HitTrax and Trackman, providing valuable analytical insights on spin rate, exit velocity, and release speed to amplify your performance!


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